PSR Group Ltd

PSR Group Ltd. is a Canadian engineering firm specialising in operational support systems for municipal surface operations, including winter maintenance, waste management, street cleaning and routine maintenance patrols.

Since 1994, PSR has been providing expertise, in North America and the UK, that will improve the delivery of maintenance services. This is achieved through:

  1. Computer modelling and optimisation of maintenance routes, including plowing and salting for winter control, using our MOPS/GeoRoute software. This software incorporates advanced link-based/arc-based routing algorithms that have proven themselves over the past decade: up to 25% reduction can be achieved in route creation over manual methods; alternatively, an existing level of service can be improved while maintaining existing fleet size.  Mops has been developed as a native 32bit Microsoft Windows application that runs on Windows95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.
  2. The auditing of service delivery through “real-time” vehicle location and operations monitoring using our Internet based GPSR platform.  This system incorporates an in-vehicle unit containing GPS, datalogger, microprocessor, wireless communication and multiple ports for data input. For winter control, Wintranet is the application built using the GPSR platform and includes treatment exceptions reporting; salt spread rate, width and volume; and plow up/down information. For other services, such as waste management and routine maintenance, the Routecare application can track vehicle location and/or operational movements (mechanical boom, arm etc.) and compare against requirements.  The GPSR platform is built on technologies such as Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2000, and XML.  The web based clients access the data using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or above.